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My Blog Is Better Than Yours

Your Momma's So Fat She Needs an LJ-Cut

8 May 1986
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Your Ridiculously Extensive Guide to Everything Me

I. Greeting


II. Vitals

Sex: Male Height: 5'4" Weight: 110 lbs. Age: 20

III. Biography

Mole was born the kitchen of a bakery in Hell's Kitchen to a black father and a Chinese mother. Abandoned at age 4, he spent his life journeying the world in search of adventure armed with nothing but a Super NES and a refillable 7-11 Double Gulp cup. Now the lad's achievements have included saving a handicapped woman from a burning tree, infiltrating the White House, hitching a ride on John Travolta's private jet, fighting a Siberian husky, befriending it, and then fighting it again, all while recieving a diploma from the best secondary school in New England. He now looks forward to a life of danger, intrigue, and brownies. His favorite color is red.

I actually only made half of that up.

IV. Likes, Favorite Things, Turn-Ons, etc.

This is what the Interests section is for. Next.

V. Dislikes

- bad web design
- music that doesn't think it's trendy or fashion-driven but obviously is
- salad

VI. Song Lyric That Describes Self

"I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a girl who looked good, I would call her."
-Skee-Lo - "I Wish"

VII. Quote That Makes Self Appear Deep/Philosophical/Angsty

"What do you think you've found?
Here... in this dying world?
Why do you build,
knowing destruction is inevitable?
Why do you yearn to live,
knowing all things must die?"
-Kefka, Final Fanasy VI

VIII. Friends Only Notification

This journal is Friends Only. Actually, it isn't really. Or is it? YOU DON'T KNOW!!!!

IX. Other

My DVD collection.
Music that I listen to.

X. Conclusion

Feel free to add me, if you're in to that sort of thing. However, I do request that your journal be properly legible, i.e. correct spelling and grammar, no wacky color schemes (pink text on white background? No.), and text that's at a size that I don't have to squint to see. Otherwise I, as a humble citizen of the Internet, will have to kndly ask you to knock that shit off. Thank you.
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